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Surf and dunes of the CoorongSurf and dunes of the Coorong

The pristine coastal setting of Coorong National Park is renowned for booming surf, drifting sea mist, towering white dunes and a wondrous sense of isolation.

By Kym Tilbrook

Coorong National Park is an enchanting dune wilderness of world importance and a place of splendid isolation. On the ocean beach, huge Southern Ocean breakers pummel the sweeping, dune-backed white coast with a thunderous roar. The battering is relentless. Line after line of giant waves sweep in continuously. Nature’s forces have shaped the Coorong over millions of years.

Surf and dunes of the CoorongThe area is actually a series of shallow lagoons protected by the Younghusband Peninsula and its coastline – the Ninety Mile Beach. They form the Coorong National Park, an area of national significance, featuring on the Register of the National Estate as an area that must be preserved for all time.Story end

Full story OUTBACK Issue 35 June/July 2004

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