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Heritage horsepowerWelded to art

For Kristina Browning, there’s no limit to her artistic creations – whether working with coloured pencils or now, in her latest interest, with metal.

Story and photos Garry Aitchison

A central Victorian artist, renowned for her brilliant and detailed colour pencil work, is just as much at ease wielding red-hot cutting and welding equipment. Kristina Browning’s unreserved enthusiasm for creative endeavours and her eagerness to push her artistic boundaries have led her along paths she wouldn’t have expected to travel a few years ago.
Residing and working in Campbells Creek near Castlemaine, Kristina can’t remember when she wasn’t interested in art. “Ever since I was child I loved to draw and paint,” she says. “But there is one specific moment I distinctly remember which had a great and lasting impression: my Grade 5 teacher held up a bright yellow impressionist poster by Van Gogh and I remember thinking how great it was that someone could paint like that. There was something about it that enchanted me. That teacher encouraged my interest. Story end

Full story OUTBACK Issue 37 October/November 2004

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