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Faraway Feast

Western Australia's spectacular Kimberley coast is an unusual but wonderful location for a cooking school - with the emphasis, naturally, on fish.

Story & photos Kandy Curran

Faraway FeastAfter leaving Kununurra behind, the only sign of human activity on the rugged Kimberley landscape is the shadow cast from our eight-seater plane.

Minutes before landing at Faraway Bay Bush Camp, the plane descends over the majestic King George Falls.

It is a rare glimpse of rugged beauty, with the uninhabited coastline of Northern Australia in the distance and the falls streaming down a deep-sided orange escarpment into the gorge below.

Faraway FeastAlthough Faraway Bay Bush Camp is a long way to venture to a 'cooking school', there is no other place quite like it for creative inspiration - especially when it comes to fresh seafood, with fish regularly breaking the surface of Faraway Bay below the Eagle Lodge kitchen and dining area.

The fish we see are probably escaping from much larger marine predators, such as the three metre saltwater crocodile that glides across the bay to a nearby creek on our first morning! Story end

Full story: Issue 15, February/ March 2001

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