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Spell for success

Story and photos Jan Purser

Spell for successWhen visiting the 'big smoke', you're often so spoilt for choice for lunch and dinner options that you get bamboozled and opt for takeaway. But next time you're in Perth, visit Subiaco's Witch's Cauldron Restaurant and you'll be guaranteed of a hearty meal in a unique environment.

From the front door and throughout, you are reminded of witches. All manner of witch paraphernalia adorn the walls and bar - there are stained-glass witch windows and witches on broomsticks hanging from the ceilings. It's a quirky atmosphere and yet, the reason the restaurant was given its name in 1970 is unclear.

Spell for successTo gain the complete picture of the Witch's Cauldron, you must travel back to 1900 or so when the original Victorian terrace building became The Subiaco Dining Rooms. The then owners served the food of the times - roast pork, roast lamb and other now-traditional favourites. It traded under the same name until 1970 when a woman bought the restaurant and changed the name to Witch's Cauldron Restaurant. Perhaps it didn't quite take off (pardon the pun) for her, because she resold the restaurant in late 1971 to its current owners, Geoff and Tanis Gosling. The Goslings retained the name and it's certainly taken off under their charge. Story end

Full story: OUTBACK, October/November 2002

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