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DINKUM DINING Tucker is the word Australians use for food.

And in a country so big, there's plenty of good tucker to be found - whether it's bush tucker that enabled the Aborigines to survive for tens of thousands of years, or more civilised eating at any of the great variety of restaurants and watering holes across the outback.

You can sample bush tucker and fine fare of many types in this selection of articles from back issues of R.M. Williams OUTBACK magazine.


Partners in lamb
Issue 37 Oct/Nov 2004
Once considered the ‘black sheep’ of the lamb industry, Western Australia’s Q Lamb is now one of the country’s leading meat alliances, with farmers, processors and retailers working together to satisfy the customer.

Matso’s by the bay
Issue 36 Aug/Sept 2004
Named after a local Japanese pearling family, Matso’s Café and Brewery has a distinctive Broome flavour with its bayside location and traditionally brewed beer.

Camel on the menu
Issue 35 June/July 2004
A distinctive native cuisine style is emerging in Alice Springs that could one day rival the scenic delights of Central Australia.

Buffalo soldier
Issue 34 April/May 2004
With purposeful determination and more than a dash of irreverence, Victoria's Roger Haldane is bringing the art of making cheese from buffalo milk to new heights in Australia.

Cook up a storm
Issue 33, Feb - Mar 2004
A camp oven may seem like a pretty basic piece of kit, but, as those at the inaugural Camp Oven Cook-off in the Flinders Ranges town of Blinman well know, in the right hands it can produce mouthwatering culinary wonders.

Taste of the tropics
Issue 31, Oct-Nov 03
Light, fruity, fresh flavours characterise the tropical cuisine served in a guesthouse-style resort in the beachfront village of Palm Cove.

Brisbane is steak city
Issue 30, Aug - Sep 03
Hotels all over the Queensland capital are undergoing million dollar upgrades, more often than not incorporating a contemporary steakhouse.

The art of dining
Issue 29, Jun - Jul 03
Most chefs would consider themselves artists, but Paula Rengger at Shakey Tables in the Hunter Valley of NSW takes the concept one step further.

Sydney steak-out
Issue 28, Apr - May 03
During the 1980s and 1990s it seemed that city steakhouses were heading for oblivion. But now, with the introduction of meat standards that guarantee a perfect steak every time, downtown steakhouses are more popular than ever. From this issue, OUTBACK is showcasing Australia's best steakhouses, starting with some in and around Sydney - to coincide with the 2003 Royal

Ripe for the picking
Issue 27, Feb - Mar 03
Used in salads, sandwiches and everyone's favourite - desserts - berries are a versatile little addition to many dishes. And the best way to sample these sweet seasonal treats is to pick your own.

Bring on the barbie!
Issue 26, Dec 02 - Jan 03
The smell of sausages sizzling, the taste of a chargrilled steak washed down with a cold beer, the sound of mozzies buzzing and cicadas singing. Summer just wouldn't be summer in Australia without the smells, sounds and flavours of the outdoor barbie.

Spell for success
Issue 25, Oct - Nov 02
When visiting the 'big smoke', you're often so spoilt for choice for lunch and dinner options that you get bamboozled and opt for takeaway. But next time you're in Perth, visit Subiaco's Witch's Cauldron Restaurant and you'll be guaranteed of a hearty meal in a unique environment.

Birdsville's café culture
Issue 24, Aug - Sep 02
"The only problem with the bush is that you can never get a decent coffee"
has become a catch-cry of many city slickers - and a few bushies - especially those imbued with what has become known in the big smoke as 'café culture'. Well, things are changing, and quickly.

Roo with a view
Issue 23, Jun - Jul 02
A Tasmanian tour operator has the perfect ingredients: superb north-east Tasmanian scenery, a genuine bush adventure, wildlife, humour and fabulous food.

Clare Country Charm
Issue 22, Apr - May 02
Adventurous regional food, outstanding boutique wines, friendly service, and the idyllic setting of Eldredge Vineyards make for an unrivalled food and wine experience in SA's Clare Valley.

Exotic influences
Issue 21, Feb - Mar 02
Dining at Saffron Downs sheep station, with its innovative international cuisine and visually exciting surrounds, leaves an indelible impression.

Western-style bush tucker
Issue 20, Dec 01- Jan 02
Darwin chef and university lecturer, Steve Sunk, has developed a unique program for Aboriginal communities combining the best of bush tucker with western preparation and cooking. The results are as scrumptuous as they are surprising.

Banquet of Aussie delicacies
Issue 19, Oct - Nov 01
Famous for its unusual cuisine, the Red Ochre Grill in Alice Springs specialises in Australian delicacies such as kangaroo, wallaby, emu, camel, crocodile, barramundi and yabbies.

Anyone for Uti pie?
Issue 17, Jun - Jul 01
Copley, on the popular route north from Adelaide towards Marree, Lake Eyre, Oodnadatta and Birdsville, is not where you would expect to discover an appetising, quintessentially Australian delicacy.

Faraway Feast
Issue 15, Feb - Mar 01
Western Australia's spectacular Kimberley coast is an unusual but wonderful location for a cooking school - with the emphasis, naturally, on fish.

Really dinkum dining
Issue 14, Dec 00 - Jan 01
For thousands of years bush tucker was the only food eaten in Australia - food that hopped, crawled, slithered or grew in a land populated entirely by indigenous people.

A Murray catch
Issue 13, Oct - Nov 00
On a visit to the area where the Murray and Darling rivers meet, OUTBACK's nomadic chef Adrian Millman discovers both the people and the produce fed by the rejuvenation of the Murray-Darling River system.

Desert delicacies
Issue 12, Aug - Sep 00
When our nomadic chef Adrian Millman joined a group of journalists assigned to test drive the new Mitsubishi Pajero range in central Australia, he found that preparation and improvisation are pre-requisites for cooking in the outback.

Buffalo and cream
Issue 11, Jun - Jul 00
BACK's nomadic chef Adrian Millman finds a striking contrast between a family's two farming ventures - in Victoria and the Top End - and prepares meals using ingredients from both.

Tycoons of the tides
Issue 10, Apr - May 00
Victoria's coastline is teeming with seafood delicacies. OUTBACK's nomadic chef, Adrian Millman, joined two professional fisherman to harvest a mouth-watering catch of shellfish, rockfish and other species.

Feast on the Finke
Issue 9, Feb - Mar 00
The toss of a coin 72 years ago by two Melbourne artists provided the inspiration for OUTBACK's nomadic chef Adrian Millman to visit the red centre to cook some traditional bush tucker.

Cooking your own goose
Issue 8, Dec 99 - Jan 00
BACK's nomadic chef Adrian Millman travels to the Cobourg Peninsula where local Aborigines hunt down magpie geese for the main course of a Top End meal.

Big water barbie
Issue 7, Oct - Nov 99
With justification the carp is called the "river rabbit". Like the rabbit, it is an introduced species, causes massive environmental damage and crowds out populations of native species. But, unlike the rabbit, it is rarely considered suitable for the Australian dining table.

Wild turkey without the kick
Issue 6, Aug - Sep 99
All over Kangaroo Island, natural and introduced food sources blend harmoniously.

Chick on a stick
Issue 4, Apr - May 99
Mutton birds - a tasty dish credited with promoting good health, longevity and freedom from colds and other ailments.

Meels on eels
Issue 3, Feb - Mar 99
It's a very special art to cook on an open fire just like the old-timers used to do - particularly when it's eel you're cooking.

Flinders feral food
Issue 5, Jun - Jul 99
Developing a regional cuisine for South Australia's Flinders Ranges hasn't been easy. But the Flinders feral food prepared by Jane Fargher and the chefs at the Prairie Hotel at Parachilna has helped place the small hotel firmly on the national map.

Feral Feast
Issue 5, Jun - Jul 99
BACK's "nomadic chef" visits far western New South Wales and spit roasts a wild goat.

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