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What is OUTBACK?

A bi-monthly magazine that captures the essence of remote Australia and, by showcasing it in a positive way, brings into reality a world that is unknown to many people.

Essentially, OUTBACK is about life beyond the city. It is an accessible, experience-oriented publication. We are more interested in things that people can physically see, touch and feel for themselves than " looking glass" pieces that can be seen only in print. We're just as interested in people as in places. More often than not we want to see people in their environment.

Where is the Outback?

Anywhere that is remote, different, challenging, non-urban. It is in south-west Tasmania, the High Country of Victoria, and along the Great Divide in NSW just as much as it is in central Australia. It doesn't have to be all red dirt!

Who is OUTBACK, who's in OUTBACK, and who's the target?

OUTBACK is a joint venture between R.M. Williams Publishing and Project Publishers Pty Ltd.

R.M. Williams is privately owned by the Cowley family, headed by Ken Cowley, former CEO and a current director of News Corp.

Project Publishers' owner is Paul Myers, whose career has included working on an NT cattle station, editing The Land, managing Rural Press Limited's agricultural publishing division, and establishing Rural Press's US operations in the early 1990s. We've all had a long association with rural Australia, and are committed to championing the bush.

The subjects we showcase are as diverse as the outback itself , station owners, jackaroos, stockmen, travel and hospitality industry operators, pilots, doctors, miners, fishermen, you name the occupation, anyone who has a close involvement with the outback.

They're young, old, male, female, black, white, brindle. We love them all.

Our market is 50/50 city/country, male and female, upmarket and middle market, primarily 30-55 age group; people who identify with R.M. Williams , the man and the products , and what this represents to Australia and Australians

To download a copy of our demographic profile, click here.


The outback is the emotional and geographic heart of Australia, but usually receives only cursory coverage in the media. In the new millennium, Australians are examining who they are, what they represent, what is this country to which they belong all about? Many of the answers lie in the history, heritage and traditions that were forged in outback/remote areas.

In a nutshell, OUTBACK seeks to be recognised as the quintessential Australian magazine; the publication that, if someone asked: Is there a magazine about Australia?, the answer would be "Yes, OUTBACK".

What type of material do we want?

Real stories about real people and real places that strike a chord with readers , great experiences; great characters; great accomplishments; and just plain great stories.

OUTBACK is NOT an agricultural publication, and the only articles with any agricultural bent are about stations. Station stories are all pre-assigned and are about properties with a special significance.

What we don't want

Items about politicians and politics; negative pieces about the state of roads, hospitals or services; pieces that focus on fauna and flora; old-timers' reminiscences (unless very special); ocker subjects of the kind you'd expect to see in down-market publications; landscape photos and stories that totally ignore people; technical 4WD treks.

Writing style/copy format

Present tense; very limited use of first person; casual, relaxed, conversational; magazine not newspaper style (don't tell the story in the first para, run sentences together, build up the interest, use people as the means to the end etc etc).

Copy should be generated in a PC compatible program, preferably Microsoft Word, and submitted on disc or by email to markmuller@outbackmag.com.au. Copy saved as a text file is acceptable. Always send a hard copy of the item as well.

Photos: color transparencies , 35mm or 120; panorama format desirable for vistas, landscapes etc. Clearly identified captions are essential.

Publication dates/deadlines

OUTBACK is published at the end of January (Feb/Mar issue), March (Apr/May), May (June/July), July (Aug/Sept), September (Oct/Nov) and November (Dec/Jan) each year.

The absolute copy deadline is the first week of the month prior to publication , i.e first week of April for June/July issue. But in most cases (unless specifically pre-arranged) material submitted less than eight weeks before publication will be held over for a subsequent issue.

We also publish an annual OUTBACK Travel Guide (Feb each year) for which all material is pre-assigned.


We do not accept words and photos sent on spec. Items that have not been previously discussed have virtually no chance of being used. In the first instance fax or email an outline of 50-100 words about the piece, its thrust, photos etc.

Mostly we will assign/commission material, although at times we will ask for words/pix to be sent on the basis of payment on usage.

We will not publish material in the same style and format as has appeared in other publications, and never within 6 months of appearance elsewhere. Similarly, we require a 6-months window of use in OUTBACK before an item is published elsewhere.


We pay at the rate of approx. $300/page for words and photos. If different contributors are involved, text payment equates to 40-50 cents a word.

We will assign a photographer to an item if we don't or can't get suitable photos from the writer or from other sources. In such cases we will enter into a package arrangement for the photos. We do not pay for photos on the basis of how they are used , i.e. rates for half pages, full pages, etc.

Payment is made for acceptable editorial material when the publication has been completed and sent to the printer (the third week of the month of publication , i.e. late March for April/May issue that will be on sale at the end of March). If an item is assigned and the material submitted is considered unsuitable, it is the responsibility of the contributor to make amendments as required before it can be published and payment made.

When we enter into an arrangement for multiple items, to be used in one or more issues, we may negotiate a full one-time package rate (irrespective of when they're used) or make part payments. In these cases we'll enter into a specific arrangement with the contributor(s).


OUTBACK retains the copyright of all text published in the magazine and associated titles. Copyright of photographs remains with the photographer, unless otherwise agreed. However, OUTBACK reserves the right to use published photos to promote the magazine - on the OUTBACK or R.M.Williams websites, on posters and other point-of-sale material, in advertisements and any context that enhances circulation.

Unless otherwise agreed, photos that are re-published in a subsequent issue attract a rate of half the usual rate of payment.

Re-use of material

When OUTBACK agrees to publish text or photos from a contributor, it does so on the explicit understanding that text and photos gathered for OUTBACK's use can not be published in any other title in Australia for at least six months from the date of publication in OUTBACK or its associated titles


In some situations we'll pay or meet travel costs. But these always have to be pre-arranged. Film and processing costs and the responsibility of the photographer, unless otherwise agreed.

Never enter into a contra arrangement for the supply of a vehicle, airline ticket etc without our knowledge and approval.


Mark Muller,
email markmuller@outbackmag.com.au

Phone (02) 9908.8050
Fax 9908.8070

We're open to suggestions and are happy to discuss ideas, although it is imperative that the proposal be submitted in writing first. We will not discuss an idea for which a written outline hasn't previously been sent. And please, don't expect that a proposal will appear in the next issue! The average length of time it takes for a contribution to be published, from the time of receipt, is 6 months.

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