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Hoofs and horns in Tassie

By Matt Newton

ImageContrary to mainland opinion, it doesn't rain every day of the year in Tasmania. Indeed, the summer has been long and hot - not just the temperature, but also the action in rodeo rings around the island.

The season started in early January, with events scheduled almost every weekend until mid-April. Scottsdale's rodeo, celebrating it 21st anniversary, was the last of the season's northern Tasmanian rodeos and came at the tail end of what organisers hope will become a regular northern circuit that draws top mainland competitors.

Tasmanians dominated the world championship sheepdog trials at Scottsdale in January. Deloraine's Malcolm Taylor won the event with his dog Chloe, ahead of Pip Hudson from Cobar, NSW. Third was another Tasmanian, Henry Homan of Meander.

Malcolm Taylor thought he had almost lost the championship in the third section when Chloe became focused on one sheep that was giving him trouble, neglecting the others.

But the little dog eventually emerged victorious. Story end

Full story and photos: Issue 16,April/ May2001

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