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OUTBACK HISTORYThe outback has a colourful and fascinating history that is often obscure or unknown to many people. This section of OUTBACK is devoted to unearthing stories about people and events that had a major influence on outback development in Australia's early modern history. Whether it's explorers or bushrangers, gold rushes or shearers' strikes, miners' uprisings or significant events, you'll find an historical tale that's well worth reading.


Never-say-die Lasseter
Issue 37 Oct/Nov 2004
In a new twist to the indomitable Lasseter legend, Vietnam veteran Bill Decarli claims to have found the elusive reef of gold by reversing Lasseter’s map.

The Thunderbolt enigma
Issue 36 Aug/Sept 2004
Though bushranger Fred Ward’s last stand was more than 130 years ago, his life – and death – is still surrounded by mystery.

Gold fever
Issue 34 April/May 2004
Australia may have been built on the sheep's back, but gold certainly held up the veranda. Australia's first official payable load was discovered in the Central West of NSW and gold is still being mined there today.

Bailed Up
Issue 33, Feb-Mar 2004
A legend among bushrangers, Ben Hall was reputedly admired and protected by the settlers of the central west of NSW in the mid-1800s. He flouted the law good-humouredly, humiliating the police and uplifting society's 'underdogs'.

The dog that became a legend
Issue 31, Oct - Nov 2003
The Dog on the Tuckerbox: national icon, faithful friend or romanticised larrikin?

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