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When R.M.Williams personally launched Hoofs & Horns in 1944, he was determined to produce a magazine that offered information and was not otherwise available to readers. For the next 43 years while it remained in the R.M.Williams stable, Hoofs & Horns fulfilled this purpose, becoming a virtual bible to many people.

Now, 17 years after the magazine was sold, Hoofs & Horns has found its way home, and has now been relaunched as a town and country lifestyle magazine – in a contemporary way fulfilling the charter embarked upon by RM 60 years ago.

Times have changed and today Hoofs & Horns depicts the cream of town and country lifestyle. It’s a magazine about wonderful properties and people living the good life in the country, personalities with country connections, food and wine, fashion, travel and social events.

If it’s a sophisticated country experience, the chances are that it will be featured in Hoofs & Horns. The magazine is now published quarterly: Autumn issue in mid-March, Winter mid-June, Spring mid-September, Summer mid-December, and is available at most newsagents for $8.95 or by subscription, mailed to any address in Australia, for $29 a year or $55 for two years.

There is also a special dual subscription offer for Hoofs & Horns and OUTBACK: just $65 for one year (10 magazines) or $120 for two years (20 magazines).

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OUTBACK also publishes three annual titles: the OUTBACK TRAVEL GUIDE, OUTBACK UTES ANNUAL and RODEO YEARBOOK. Also currently available is OUTBACK IN STYLE, a premium soft cover publication featuring 20 top owner-operated outback tourism destinations.

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