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LEGENDS OF THE OUTBACKThe people who made the outback one of the most interesting and varied places on the planet are remembered and honoured in this keynote section of OUTBACK. In every case, the feats of these outback pioneers are truly extraordinary and inspiring, putting into context the difficulties faced in the development of the outback. Some of these people are household names, and others less well known. But in each case, our Legends of the Outback, thoroughly deserve the recognition this section affords them.


The Drovers: Moving mobs across the country
Issue 37 Oct/Nov 2004
The era of the drover may be lost forever, but its contribution to the cattle industry and the vivid memories of its aging veterans will not fade away.

Issue 36 Aug/Sept 2004
Described as the “Napoleon of all explorers”, John McDouall Stuart opened up the centre of Australia with his transcontinental journey of 1861.

Australian painters – INSPIRED BY THE BUSH
Issue 35 June/July 2004
A strong connection between Australia’s leading painters and its unique landscape has given us some of our finest works of art.

Frank Jardine - Cape York pioneer
Issue 34 April/May 2004
His name will forever be linked with Cape York Peninsula. Described as tough - some say ruthless - Frank Jardine opened up the far northern tip of Australia, and left behind a legacy that still touches people today.

Banjo Paterson - His voice may be heard
Issue 33, Feb - Mar 2004
Banjo Paterson holds a special place in the Australian heart. His work, perhaps more than that of any other poet, articulates and encapsulates a deep and abiding send of what we feel ourselves to be. Whether bush born or city bred, we are united by Waltzing Matilda and thrilled by The Man From Snowy River. And there is much in between.

Slim Dusty - Voice of Australia
Issue 32, Dec 2003 - Jan 2004
Slim Dusty always knew he'd have to 'walk that country mile'. While we mourn his passing, there is cause to celebrate his life and lasting contribution to Australia.

The Duracks - Kings in grass castles
Issue 31 Oct/Nov 2003
Undaunted by distance and hardship, the Duracks forged a pastoral empire in the Kimberley that made theirs a household name in Australia. The family's legend has reverberated through the years thanks in no small part to the evocative writings of one of their own, Dame Mary Durack.

Samuel McCaughey: Father of irrigation
Issue 30 Aug/Sept 2003
Today, with large parts of the nation still in the grip of a major drought, there is much talk of "watering Australia". The concept and many contemporary proposals associated with this theme are not new. More than a century ago an Irishman, Samuel McCaughey, began changing the face of western NSW and south-west Queensland by putting into practice watering schemes that continue to well serve the properties he once owned, and many others.

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