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Latest issue coverThere's nothing more varied or interesting than a life in outback Australia. The outback is not only full of wonderful characters, but people living amazing lives and often achieving against the odds. The Outback Life section in OUTBACK Magazine contains an eclectic mix of stories about people living on stations and in many other interesting and challenging situations. You'll share their lifestyles, their hopes and dreams, successes and failures in this entertaining section of the magazine.


Outback patrol
Issue 37 Oct/Nov 2004
With vast beats and lonely patrols, Queensland outback police officers often maintain law and order single-handedly. But most relish the experience and return to ‘civilisation’ enriched by it.

Winds Of Change
Issue 36 Aug/Sept 2004
The timeless landscape of “Gundowringa” belies the innovative nature of the Prell family.

A breed of their own
Issue 35 June/July 2004
Next year marks the centenary of the birth of Australia’s only “local” breed of cattle, the famous Murray Greys, and the families that developed the breed still live in Upper Murray Valley region of Victoria.

Out of the swamp country
Issue 34 April/May 2004
The Townsend family is one of many American families who, in the 1960s, couldn't resist the challenges and opportunities in northern Australia. Today, more than 40 years later, they are still there, regarded as locals in the pastoral industry.

The Hart of Hodgson country
Issue 33 Feb/Mar 2004
In true bush-battler style, the Hart family has 'made a go of it' on remote Northern Territory Hodgson River Station for close to 30 years, building it up virtually from scratch.

Women unravel the cotton story
Issue 32 Dec 2003/Jan 2004
A clutch of energetic rural women have been the movers in redefining the public image of cotton, with much of their effort going into telling the story of Australia's cotton industry from field to fabric in the innovative Australian Cotton Centre at Narrabri. NSW.

Family ties to the Gulf Country
Issue 31 Oct/Nov 2003
Family ties to Mallapunyah. The Darcy family feels an almost spiritual attachment to Mallapunyah Station, a leading producer of quality cattle - and a scenic oasis, in the Northern Territory's Gulf Country.

What comes naturally
Issue 30 Aug/Sept 2003
Nestled high on an isolated hilltop, overlooking a picturesque valley near Mansfield, Victoria, the Wrangler Jayne Ranch mysteriously blends into this stereotypical Man from Snowy River scenery.


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