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THE GREAT OUTDOORSExperiences are what makes the outback a place that keeps people coming back time and again. The Great Outdoors section in OUTBACK is dedicated to depicting unique "out there" experiences and soft adventure - whether it be walking, hiking, camping, fishing, sailing, kayaking, abseiling, exploring, hunting, photographing or any activity that exposes people to the outback's unique and wonderful environment.


Fly away west
Issue 37 Oct/Nov 2004
Fly-fishing is traditionally associated with mountain streams; now anglers are taking this graceful art to the coast.

Stalking Sambar
Issue 36 Aug/Sept 2004
The sambar deer is widely regarded as Australia’s greatest hunting challenge.
The rewards that flow from pursuing this elusive animal are equally great.

Terrific Tasmanian Trout
Issue 35 June/July 2004
Tasmania’s Central Highlands are world renowned for not only their magnificent natural scenery, but their exceptional trout fishing.

Breaking the 'Goodoo hoodoo'
Issue 34 April/May 2004
The chances of catching your first Murray cod are better than they've been in a long while, thanks to the effects of a raft of sensible conservation measures. But don't expect to land a whopper, they're now relegated to fishing folklore.

Hunting conservation
Issue 33, Feb - Mar 2004
In a controlled environment the hunter is a big assistance to the Australian farmer in the management of feral animals.

Canoeing the Clarence
Issue 32, Dec 2003 - Jan 2004
There are few better ways to explore the rugged backcountry of New England Ranges than by canoe and the Clarence River provides as much fishing as adventure as you could want.

Beyond Big Red
Issue 31 Oct/Nov 2003
The vast sea of red sandhills that stretch for hundreds of kilometers across the Simpson Desert are part of what makes this area unique. Crossing the Simpson is not a venture taken lightly, but the rewards are high.

Billabong of dreams
Issue 30 Aug/Sept 2003
Less than two hours from Darwin, the magical waterways of Corroboree Billabong offer outdoor enthusiasts the chance to go bush without having to go too far off the beaten track.

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