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Billabong of dreamsBillabong of dreams

Less than two hours from Darwin, the magical waterways of Corroboree Billabong offer outdoor enthusiasts the chance to go bush without having to go too far off the beaten track.

Story and photos Alistair McGlashan

The early morning sun bathes the land in its golden touch, giving it a surreal look. Enjoying the sun's warmth we followed a thin channel that splinters off the billabong. Powering along at full speed we quickly find ourselves surrounded by imposing stands of paperbark and gum trees that wage an eternal battle against the vines that slowly snake up their trunks and into their branches.

Without warning, we break free of the jungle, out onto the open floodplains. Stretching all the way to the horizon, the flood plains are still a lush green, with intermittent specks of yellow, which signal that the approaching dry season is already making its presence felt. Flocks of magpie geese and whistling ducks, startled by the outboard, take to the air shattering the early morning silence with their calls. Further along we interrupt a solitary wallaby drinking at the water's edge; it stares at us briefly before bounding away. Story end

Full story Issue 30 Aug/Sept 2003

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