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Step into the lightStep into the light

Ben Dark is a bushy at heart and the Darwin-based Getaway presenter is eternally glad of his origins.

By Fiona Gowers

Few people can attribute their dream career break to a character called ‘Bush Pig’. Less, probably, have been discovered at the Ekka in Brisbane by a man known as ‘Agro’. But Ben Dark has had an extraordinary life or, to borrow both his words and emphasis: “Amazing. Amazing. My life has just been the most incredible ride that I could have imagined.”

Step into the lightBen was drinking with mates in the Cattleman’s Bar at the Royal Queensland Show when puppeteer Jamie Dunn tapped him on the shoulder. Seeking a country boy’s perspective on the annual event for his B105 breakfast radio show, Jamie spotted his prey and pounced – Agro style. The next day the boy from the bush – who had never owned a cassette tape – hit the airwaves and was seduced. Instantly.

"I thought, ‘what a great job, they get up, they laugh all day long’, I mean they have to work at it but I really enjoyed it. I went home again, it just stayed with me and I thought, ‘I would like to do that, I would like to do that, I would like to do that’."Story end

Full story OUTBACK Issue 35 June/July 2004

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