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The R.M.Williams Longhorn Express is a regular sight on the roads of Australia. The Western Star Constellation prime mover, spectacularly painted in the R.M.Williams colours, has clocked up more than 100,000 kilometres crisscrossing the country during the past three years.

Story and photos John Elliott

The truck, a fully outfitted retail outlet with an extensive range of RM products, travels to a wide range of events, including school fetes, campdrafts, polo matches and rodeos, as well as all the states’ royal shows (except Tasmania).

“The R.M.Williams brand is very recognisable,” says Paul Eshman, manager/driver of the Longhorn Express. While travelling retailers generally need to ‘break in’ to a town or area, the R.M.Williams brand is already well established, and the Longhorn Express is welcome wherever it goes. “Our customers treat us as friends, which makes it easy,” says Rose, Paul’s wife and co-worker. “If you work for RM they think you must be OK.”
The Eshmans, who claim they “haven’t met anyone on the road who isn’t nice”, have had many funny experiences in the two years they have been behind the wheel of the Longhorn Express. “People overtake us and a couple of kilometres down the road they pull up and get their cameras out and wait for us to come around the bend and start snapping,” Rose says. “Paul has been accosted by a busload of German tourists wanting photos taken in the front of the truck. We were driving up the Moonbi ranges north of Tamworth once and this car came driving towards us with people hanging out everywhere with arms waving madly in front of us.” Story end

Full story OUTBACK Issue 37 October/November 2004

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