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RM's Percy Street Museum

Photos: Leon Mead

ImageSixty-seven years after he began making his now famous elastic-sided riding boots at 5 Percy Street Prospect, South Australia, Reginald Murray Williams saw his lifetime's devotion to rural Australia officially honored in late October when the company that bears his name opened a museum at its historic original site.

One of the few company museums in Australia, the permanent exhibition at the first home of the RM Williams company provides a fascinating insight into outback life, the products pioneered by RM and manufacturing techniques employed by the company as it gradually assumed the premier position as Australia's bush clothing manufacturer.

Two hundred people, including RM, company chairman Ken Cowley and numerous current and former long-serving employees attended the opening on October 19.

Situated adjacent to RM Williams' 5 Percy Street, Prospect showroom, the museum is open to the public during normal trading hours.


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