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Collinsville Merino stud in South Australia's Mid North has a long and proud history of producing some of the finest sheep in the country. Despite a series of ups and downs in recent years, the stud is looking to recapture its title as the jewel in the industry's crown.

Story Dick James
Photos John Kruger

Australia's infamous decade or more of wool recession had an immensely cruel effect on a number of individuals. To suggest now that wool's fortunes have at long last turned completely around would be stretching the truth a little too far, but there is no question that woolgrowers are experiencing more enjoyable times today than they were a few short years ago. However, with the numbers of commercial wool producers dropping away so alarmingly, the seedstock producers - the merino studs - have suffered accordingly.

Collinsville Merino Stud in South Australia's Mid North, for many years regarded as the jewel in the crown of that state's stud Merino industry, has levelled out at an annual output of about 1500 rams, a long way short of its sales of 3500 rams in its halcyon years, although this reduction cannot be totally blamed on wool's woes. ImageWhen the Collins family decided to sell the stud, and all the land that came with it, in 1985, along came an eager, entrepreneurial young Western Australian. Neil Garnett, whose family had successfully conducted the Glenroy stud Merino and Poll Merino flocks in the Gnowangerup district, took the bold step of moving to SA and fulfilling a long-held dream of owning the famous Collinsville stud interests. Story end

Full story Issue 33, Feb/Mar 2004

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