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Fossil Downs
A Fitzroy phenomenon

ImageStory and photographs: Kandy Curran

At the end of the long drive flanked by stoic looking boab trees, the two storey homestead surrounded by manicured lawns and tropical garden beds with the Australian flag flying proudly overhead is almost surreal after kilometres of dusty roads and dry Kimberley landscape.

Waiting on the lawn with a warm welcome is Annette Henwood and Polly, a curly whirly ball of canine affection with no claims to being a cattle dog.

Dressed in white with pearl earrings and her hair wound into a plaited bun, Annette is as elegant and meticuously presented as the homestead and surrounding grounds.

ImageA third generation MacDonald of the original pioneering family, Annette and her husband John Henwood have been managing Fossil Downs for 31 years.

Amber, their 27 year-old daughter who is an excellent horsewoman and keen stock person, is likely to be the fourth generation to carry on this family station. Story end

Full story Issue 8, December 1999-January 2000

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