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Yanga StationYearning for Yanga

Yanga Station in NSW's southern Riverina boasts many attributes - 200 km of Murrumbidgee River frontage, a near original homestead, a wonderful history and employees who rarely want to leave.

Story: Kellie Penfold
Photos: Lyn McColl

Whether it's the unique 1850s homestead, still in almost original condition, the probability that this is the largest freehold property in Australia, or its huge Murrumbidgee River frontage and diverse agricultural mix, Yanga Station is one of the properties to which people become easily attached.

It has been this way for a century and a half. Indeed, even though the conditions were harsh and the plains vast back in 1872, Yanga was already weaving its magic:

"... Yanga is a splendid station, and much improved. It extends from the junction of the Lachlan and the Murrumbidgee on the northern side, south to the Edward River and as far west as within 15 miles of the Murrumbidgee, embracing an area of 600 square miles. The run is all fenced in, and has over 125 miles of fencing, post and rail, wire etc erected on it.
It is subdivided into summer and winter fattening paddocks, breeding, heifer, bull and horse paddocks," wrote the enthusiastic correspondent from the Town and CountryJournal.

Yanga StationThe wonder of the 88,000ha station with almost 200km of Murrumbidgee River frontage continues today. Employees love the place so much they stay for life.

Manager Alistair Cox retires this year after 38 years on Yanga, and when overseer Bes Murray retired a couple of years ago after more than 40 years he continued to live on the station, taking on a new role.

Owners, the Black family, have bought up their generations of children with visits to Yanga and the new mangaer, Geoff Hayes, who takes over from Alistair Cox, declares unreservedly that he has reached the pinnacle of his career. Story end

Full story: Issue 11, June - July 2000

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