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All the rivers runAll the rivers run

From the air it's obvious why this part of south-west Queensland is called the Channel Country.

Story and photos John Denman

A predominantly flat landscape veined by creeks and rivers that meander haphazardly across vast flood plains. It is where some of Australia's great outback legends were created, and where some met their match. It can be a paradise in good seasons, and often a place where only the strong survive. From the Warrego at Cunnamulla to the Burke at Boulia, there are plenty of rivers to cross. In April, none were dry.

All the rivers runIt's Saturday morning in Cunnamulla and the local pony club is in full swing. Dedicated people have come from Charleville, Toowoomba, Bollon, and even Bourke in NSW to spend a couple of days with these young Cunnamulla horse enthusiasts. This is community spirit at its best, and is a sign of some welcome social changes that have taken place since the bleak documentary Cunnamulla shot the town to infamous notoriety a couple of years ago. Cara Conde, a teacher at the local school and a rider herself since she was four, helps out at pony club. Story end

Full story Issue 30 Aug/Sedt 2003

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