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OUTBACK TRAVEL What is the outback? Where does it start? What constitutes an "outback" holiday? These questions and more are answered in OUTBACK's Outback Travel section. The outback is actually anywhere that is different, unique, remote. It can just as readily be in south-west Tasmania or the Blue Mountains as in Central Australia or the Great Sandy Desert. It can be a fishing camp in the Gulf, a fishing lodge on the Great Australian Bight, or a station stay on the Nullarbor Plain. It's all here in Outback Travel, just one of more than 20 regular sections in OUTBACK, The Heart of Australia.


Natural healing
Issue 37 Oct/Nov 2004
With many natural ecosystems in South Australia’s northern Flinders Ranges under pressure, a privately-owned conservation park is seeking to repair the damage, while allowing visitors to enjoy a unique part of the outback.

Mallee oasis
Issue 36 Aug/Sept 2004
The O’Sullivan family’s pragmatic response to the loss of their cattle station has been a great gain for travellers.

Kimberley calling
Issue 35 June/July 2004
Covering an area larger in size than the whole of Victoria, the Kimberley, spread over some 424,517 square kilometres, is about as far from Australia's major population centres as you can get without leaving the mainland.

Tracks across the nation
Issue 34 April/May 2004
Australia is now joined from north to south by rail, and travelling that route aboard the legendary Ghan proves to be a memorable, if at times surreal, experience.

To the gates of hell
Issue 33, Feb - Mar 2004
Following the tracks of the Palmer River gold prospectors, a party of offbeat travellers and their donkeys take on the aptly named Hell's Gate, in north Queensland.

Shady Shangri-la
Issue 32, Dec 2003 - Jan 2004
Exquisite beauty and boys-own adventure are butted side-by-side in the Top End, where the lily-clad Shady Camp Billabong meets the murky undercurrent of Sampan Creek.

Living with history on Cobourg Peninsula
Issue 31 Oct/Nov 2003
The lonely remains of an ambitious European outpost add to the stunning natural charms of the Cobourg Peninsula.

Swept away by a seabird sanctuary
Issue 30 Aug/Sept 2003
An expedition to Western Australia's Kimberley coast reveals a parallel universe of remote islands, massive reef systems and beautiful gorges.

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