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Darwin utes come out in force

Story and photos Fiona Gowers

ImageRoyal Darwin Show's third Beaut Ute competition on July 26 reinforced the importance of an event that clearly transcends coming first, second or third. Ute shows mean more to Territorians than showing off their latest swivel lights and stone guards, more than pocketing cash and certificates. It is a meeting of like-minded souls starved of the social opportunities weekend sport can create. Darwin mechanical mine site fitter, Kim Fox captured the mood, "I come here to socialise. We don't have footie up here or anything like that so where else do you catch up?"

Entries in 2003 were steady, with 20 men and women vying for five classes: Showy Ute (won by Michael Smith), Work Ute (Shaun Blowers), Pre-1970s Ute (Brett Francis), Outback Ute (Alan Stephenson) and Sheila's Ute (Kezia Purick).

The Horniest Ute (for the ute with the loudest or most unusual horn) was tailor-made for Mic Heinrich's 1999 VS SS. Toot this Commodore's horn and a metallic Mack bulldog on the bonnet spouts water. Mic, an army gun sergeant, also placed second in the Showy Ute class.

ImageAccording to chief steward Noel Padgham, the winds of change will sweep through the Royal Darwin Show's Beaut Ute competition next year. While satisfied with the numbers it is attracting, she is keen to revamp the current classes to better reflect the utes unique to the Northern Territory. Story end

Full story: Issue 31, Oct-Nov 03

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