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Beee-Utey! Deni breaks its own record

DeniliquinBy the Uteman, Allan Nixon
Photos: Don Fuchs

A line of utes runs for miles Camped by the roadside all swagged down Tonight they'll raise hell in an outback town Hear that throbbing rumble cracking sound Across the plains the utes slow down Snort of puff a breath of fire Those V8 utes they've been running wild...

A verse from Ute Stampede by singer Ray "Bus Larrikin" Stuchbery sums up the 2000 Deniliquin Ute Muster.

A new record of 2990 utes was officially entered, breaking last year's Guinness Book of Records-endorsed world record of 2839 utes.

According to co-ordinator Liz Ritchioe the even was a "huge success".

But Deniliquin seems certain to be challenged as the world's ute capital, especially if country towns can draw an estimated $4 million in revenue as a result of Aussie ute drives coming to their town! there's no doubt that Deniliquin will have some stiff competition next year. Story end

Full story: Issue 14, December 2000/ January 2001

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