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Taking it off the streets

Taking it off the streetsFor many, part of the fun of owning a ute is the speed, power and handling that usually comes with one. Unfortunately, getting to grips with this and finding where a ute's limits can lead to dangerous situations.

Story and photos John Kruger

The last place to push your vehicle is on a public road, where other drivers are at risk as well. The professional safety crews at the Adelaide International Raceway have given enthusiasts an opportunity to come to the city and take their utes out on the drag strip for the Inaugural Adelaide Ute Muster, and provided three days of full-on ute heaven and good February fun.

Taking it off the streetsThe slickest, shiniest utes were voluntarily covered in dust during a circle-work competition. Utes that look fast - and some that don't - competed against each other on the 1/4mile with surprising results. Complete novices have been converted into drag strip junkies. Fire and ambulance crews kept a close watch on the action, ensuring a far safer venue than your average B&S paddock or a country back road. Some shy owners keep their utes off the track and in the carpark, preferring to enjoy the ambience instead. Story end

Full story: Issue 34 April/May 2004

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