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Scott McKinnon of Narromine, NSW, has a special interest in classic (pre-1986) Australian-made utes.

Together with a band of like-minded enthusiasts, he has formed the GOANNA Classic Ute Club.

Green MachineContact Scott at PO Box 351 Narromine, NSW, 2821, Phone (02) 6889 2080 or e-mail: mckinnons@ozemail.com.au

Scott's own ute, the Green Machine, is painted in psychedelic 1970s Barbados green. Although no longer doing the B&S and country party scene, it sees service at weekends and goes on all the GOANNA club road trips.

Scott's cousin's husband bought the ute brand new in 1974 from a local dealer for $2700. Scott's family then bought the ute for a farm runabout nearly 20 years ago.

"I learned to drive in it around the farm in my early teens, "Scott remembers. "Being a V8 it was great fun - especially since Dukes of Hazard was big on TV back then. In the mid 1980s it was passed on to me. Since then it has had significant mechanical and interior restoration. However, I am leaving the exterior in its well-worn state, complete with dents. It wouldn't be the same if you had to worry about scratching it."

Technical info: Holden 1974 HQ Belmont, 253 V8 (4.2L), 3-speed floor shift, dual exhaust system, roo bar, chrome mags, bucket seats, sports wheel. Story end

Full story: Issue 6, August-September 1999

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